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Funding For Film

100% of all donations go to purchasing instant film. The beauty of the project is that it piggybacks off of other projects from around the world. Instax cameras are sent along with 200-300 exposures. That's 200-300 individuals who's portrait is captured and preserved. Each pack of film comes with 10 exposures each. If you're interested in participating, you can purchase Instax Square Film and send it to Utah Valley University.

About the Instant Equipment

Instax SQ6 & SQ20

This is the part that Emily likes to geek out about-- the cameras. It was important to find the "most bang for your buck". This meant finding an instant film type that gave the largest exposure but costing less than $1 per exposure. Polaroid, FujiFilm, and Kodak were on the top of the list for options. However, it was the FujiFilm Instax Portrait for the cost benefits that has been used for the project.

Photo Left: Emily with the FujiFilm SQ6